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Recycling By Eclipse Stained Glass

At Eclipse design we are committed to recyling as much as possible. In fact we go out of our way to reclaim glass from original works of art that are beyond repair and reuse the material where appropriate in our new creations. The remaining material is seperated, sorted and sent to approriate recyclers (where possible), reducing what is actually disposed of.

Below are two examples of how we do just that!

Example #1:


A beautiful stained glass window, moved too many times by non professionals,  resulting in lots of broken glass. The cost of repair would have been astronomical. Instead I took the panel apart and reclaimed as much glass as was possible. The newly reclaimed glass can now be repurposed to create new beautiful pieces. Thie hummingbird below is an example of this in practice. The Hummingbird piece consists of approximatly 50% recycled material.

Example #2:

We try to use as much of our glass as possible, but sometimes we end up with pieces too small for us to use. These "scrap" pieces are kept in buckets and eventually given to Heather Vollens of Dawning Decor Studio. 


Heather teaches mixed media at local schools, our donated glass has been very useful for these classes and have helped to promote an enthusasium for art in todays youth.


Posted in example #2 are some of the pieces the children have made.

Example #1

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Broken art piece to be reclaimed

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Reclaimed glass being used in new art piece.

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Finished piece using some of the recycled material.

Example #2

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Glass left over from current projects, known as "scrap glass".

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Glass is donated by Eclipse Design to Dawning Decor Studios for use in local schools to create mosiac art.

Eclipse Design Stained Glass

Finished student art pieces.

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